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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Elementium Ore Nodes - Cataclysm Sweet Spot

Elementium Node Cluster in Uldum

 Cataclysm's Release Date Mining Strategy

So my plan was to gather as much ore as I could on day one of Cataclysm and max my mining as soon as I created my Electrostatic Converter.  Cold is a Miner / Engineer so my strategy has been to gather and sell everything I collect.  Gems are selling for around 175g each, volatiles 10-50g each, and ores are all over the board, but 200g a stack elementium ore isn't too shabby.  After I turned in my 25 daily quests, here's how I maxed my mining very quickly.  

  1. Used my Fate Rune of Fleet Feet which I had bought from the witch in Icecrown with 15 Vrykul Bones.  Wowhead comments say it doesn't work while mounted, but it sure looked like it to me.
  2. Circled the Icecrown zone farming Saronite & Titanium until my mining skill was 475.
  3. Took engineer portal to Scholazar Basin.
  4. Flew through the Way Gate.
  5. Flew across Un'Guro Crater directly to Uldum.
  6. Farmed Elementium Nodes and Rich Elementium Nodes (at 500 skill) and Pyrite Nodes (at 525).
I highly recommend this exact strategy when grinding up your miner as it is very quick, skips the heavily player quest areas, and gets you mining and selling the higher value ores much faster than using a regular zone progression.  Uldum is excellent for mining while a lower level as the mobs are not close to mineral nodes, so no killing is required.  This Cataclysm mining strategy was a modification, but very similar, to one of the strategies listed in The Cataclysm Mastery System.  

Elementium Ore Sweet Spot in Uldum

Elementium Ore Uldum Sweet Spot
While farming the mining nodes in the new Cataclysm zone Uldum, I found this amazing sweet spot.  The map above shows the location in Uldum.  The above map is from the North West corner of Uldum.  The sweet spot contained 5 elementium ore veins every time I passed by.  Four of these elementium nodes are viewable at the same time on the mini-map since they are super close to each other.  Just to the North East is another elementium vein spawn location that was also always present with this cluster of 4 nodes.  NOTE:  I was farming without completing any quests, so at this point I am unsure if this node cluster is affected by any of the zone phasing.

AFK Farming Options

One of the things I am constantly looking for are good "AFK Farming" locations.  Locations that allow you to camp a character and watch spawns on ores on the mini-map without having to move your character are nice spots.  I use these AFK farming locations while I am unable to give full attention to the game, but I am busy working on my computer at the same time.  

I just put World of Warcraft into windowed mode and move the window to the top right of my desktop.  This allows me to open whatever project I am working on in a seperate window and size it up for most of the screen, while leaving the in-game mini-map up in the top right corner of my desktop.  So I am free to browse the internet, work on blog posts, edit screenshots, etc while always keeping an eye out for those little yellow dots to appear on the mini-map signally the respawn of the resource I am watching.  

One of the best spots for this in Vanilla WoW was in the Badlands North East of Kargath inside the cave with the rock elementals.  By camping near the entrance of the little cave, I could moniter the Iron Ore veins in the immediate area and the occasional Gold or Truesilver node spawn all without having to move my character.  Leaving my work in the foreground and game mini-map in the upper background allowed me to multi-task both in and out of the game.  This Elementium Ore sweet spot is exactly the type of AFK farming location I am always hunting for.  Four nodes all spawning within so close proximity means I can camp this on a flying mount and drop down to gather ores as the veins spawn then return to my other task.

Anyone else found a sweet spot for farming ores or herbs?  
Anyone else use the windowed mode strategy to do two things at once?