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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #27 - "@CM_Zarhym WTF?!"

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast Episode #27
"@CM_Zarhym WTF?!"


R9z and I return this week with an extra long episode bringing you discussion topics, news, and economy chat for World of Warcraft, as well as the usual crazy real life news stories.  This week we dig into some of the posts and replies on the forums in search of evidence on whether WoW Community Manager Zarhym is as bad as everyone says he is.  Be sure to listen to the episode to find out what conclusions we come to about these allegations against Zarhym.

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #27
Show Notes, Links, And Discussion Topics

  1. Pizza delivery guy gets revenge on no-tipper - I can't believe some of the stuff we find to talk about, lol.
  2. What do you mean you didn't vote? - Wife displays NASCAR skills after finding out husband skipped the election voting.
  3. Buzz, Buzz, Boom - A real genius with a master plan to get back at his ex.
  4. Gifts For Gamers: Cold's Top 10 Board Games - A great discussion about a few of the awesome games on this Top Board Games list.  Remember, I created my top recommendation lists from personal preference of games I've owned or played, not just the best sellers.  I stand by these recommendations 100%!
  5. 1-600 WoW Tailoring Leveling Guide
  6. Brawler's Guild Updates
  7. Tailoring 525-600
  8. Upcoming Reputation Changes
  9. Rez's Klaxxi Faction Guide
  10. Blingtron 4000 - Is he worth it?  Tips for getting the most from your own Blingtron 4000. 
  11. Stat Weight Priorities By Class & Armor Type - A super useful post that will help you with all sorts of aspects in the game.
  12. 2012 WoW Wealth Survey Results - Xsinthis has the results and analysis up regarding this years WoW Wealth Survey.
  13. The New Cinder Kitty - The upcoming charitable pet.
  14. Zarhym Posts on the Forums
  15. Nonmailz Nutz
  16. Electronic Education - This week, I'm featuring Filthy Funk - a 33 min mix of Dirty Electro House available for free download on my soundcloud page.  This one is perfect for bumpin' and recharging on your lunch break from work.  Enjoy!
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